Insights into the Perth arts scene


The arts are for people of all ages and I love taking my family to concerts.  Keep up to date with kid-friendly gigs on this page.

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  • Give an arty Christmas - How about giving your friends and family an arty Christmas?! I’ve put together a list of some great prezzi ideas I’ve come across for those last minute Christmas gifts. If you are looking for music try the fabulous box set Eileen Joyce the Complete Studio Recordings released just last month on the Decca Eloquence label. […]
  • December Kids Gig Guide - Perth’s largest free outdoor classical music concert is on the 16th December at Langley Park. The WA Symphony Orchestra’s Symphony in the City is a family friendly gig – take a picnic and enjoy the festive atmosphere with favourite classics by Strauss, Handel, Copland and John Williams finishing of course with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and a […]
  • Entranced by Neverland - The children are sleeping peacefully in the Darling nursery when suddenly Peter Pan flies in the open window. Moments later Tinkerbell arrives and so begins the adventure into Neverland. The West Australian Ballet has brought J.M. Barrie’s timeless classic to life in a re-staging of the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Peter Pan. It is a […]
  • Robot Magic - A thrilled gasp ran through the audience as the robot Ophelia had built unexpectedly came to life. “The light, the light!” called a dozen voices, pointing Ophelia towards the flashing robot. It was a magical moment in Barking Gecko Theatre Company’s new production My Robot. The front row of school children were nearly leaping out […]
  • Lah-Lah and Buzz visit WASO - The first clue was the conductor Jon Tooby who arrived onstage wearing striped socks. “He’s wearing Lah-Lah’s socks” cried one young observer, with the keen eyes of a fan. Tooby and the WA Symphony Orchestra bubbled through an energetic overture (from Mozart’s The Abduction of Seraglio) and then the stars arrived: Lah-Lah and Buzz, the […]
  • November Kids Gig Guide -   Welcome to the November Kids Gig Guide, created for this website by popular request! Check out all the shows for families and children this month: On the 1st November Libby Hammer and the WA Symphony Orchestra are giving a FREE concert in Kwinana for kids age 0-6. The interactive concert will introduce the audience […]
  • October Kids Gig Guide - You can’t go wrong with percussion concerts and kids. We went to watch Defying Gravity percussion ensemble last month and the kids were enthralled by the fascinating sounds and the visual drama. Yes they loved the thundering bass drum but they also spotted the light reflecting off shimmering cymbals, and were completely mesmerised by the […]
  • When the kids joined in - “Would you like to join the orchestra?” Stan and Mabel asked the rabbit. “Yes!!!!” cried a voice from the front row. The enraptured child was one of 6355 audience members (young and old) who attended performances and events last week as part of the WA Symphony Orchestra’s Education Week.   The Beat of Your Feet […]
  • The Gruffalo comes to WASO - He has terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws… and he was being dragged up the steps of the Perth Concert Hall by a toddler. It was the WA Symphony Orchestra’s Gruffalo concert and one boy had brought his stuffed Gruffalo teddy along for the show. The concert hall was buzzing […]
  • Oliver! works its magic - The musicals just keep rolling through Perth – this weekend ICW Productions opened their season of Oliver! It was the perfect opportunity to take my son Matthew to his first musical. We finished reading Oliver Twist recently and Dickens’ story of dark dirty London and the little boy who wanted more has captured his imagination. […]

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