Writers Week begins on Monday! There are two events on which will appeal to music lovers in particular and Noted is pleased to be able to offer free tickets.

Geoffrey Lancaster.JPG
Geoffrey Lancaster and his new book will feature at Writer’s Week

I’m looking forward to joining author and pianist Geoffrey Lancaster in conversation on Saturday for A Tale of Ten Pianos. Geoffrey is a scintillating speaker ( I still remember his colourful music history lectures at university!) and one of the world’s leading experts on authentic performance practice. Culliford, Rolfe and Barrow is his second book on historic pianos and rich with quotes like this:

“Music is not a plaything but a necessity, and its essence, form, is not a decorative adjustment but a cup into which can be poured and lifted to the lips and tasted.”

To hear more of Geoffrey’s passionate writing and listen to some stunning piano music, come and join us at UWA on Saturday 24th Feb, 2:30pm for A Tale of Ten Pianos. This is a ticketed event. Noted is pleased to be able to provide two tickets for new subscribers to Noted (see form below). Subscribe before Monday 19th Feb to go in the draw.

On Sunday in Framing Ned I will be meeting with the artistic team behind Australia’s newest opera. Peter Goldsworthy (librettist) and Thomas de Mallet Burgess (director Lost & Found Opera) are deep into the creation of a new opera about the iconic Ned Kelly. Peter and Thomas will be providing a rare glimpse at how the worlds of music and text come together in opera. Is opera the perfect culmination of all the art forms?  Join us at UWA on Sunday 26th Feb 3pm for Framing Ned. This is a FREE event.

To win two tickets to A Tale of Ten Pianos subscribe below before Monday 19th February.