The Women in the Creative Arts conference will be held next week in Canberra and the atmosphere around gender and the arts is reaching a new intensity. 

My opinion piece in the Guardian has been widely read and generated excitement about what we might be able to achieve at the conference. At the same time the responses in the ‘Comments’ section  highlighted for me that there are still some very entrenched views around! 
This week APRA/AMCOS released a report in response to RMIT research.with a raft of initiatives to increase female participation in the music industry. They are committing to doubling the number of female membership applicants within the next three years.
The WICA conference is perfectly timed to harness the energy across multiple art practices and direct it towards long-lasting change.
Registrations close on Monday 7th August. If you are a woman working in the creatives arts you need to be part of this history-making gathering!
If you can’t make it stay tuned for blogs coming from the conference once I land in Canberra next week! Now back to writing my presentation: “Women of Note; the rise of Australian women composers”.