International Women’s Day is just around the corner and I’m proud to be participating with a Musical Soiree at Joondalup Library.

If you are in the area on Wednesday 8th March pop in to Joondalup Library at 6pm for a glass of wine and a chance to hear some stunning music and  stories from my book Women of Note.

It’s essentially an author talk but more fun with musical samples and (sometimes scandalous) stories which invariably provoke plenty of discussion. My presentation gives a quick history of Australian composition by tracing three generations of women composers. The musical range is enormous. I find people are surprised by how much they enjoy my talks – I guess most people assume classical music is going to be a bit dull, but the lives and music from Women of Note are anything but dull!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate women in Australia than to profile the work of our women composers. It’s our best kept secret: we have more women composers than almost any other western nation! Definitely something worth celebrating and I do love putting together the missing jigsaw pieces of our musical history.

Feel free to circulate among your networks. The details regarding registration and location are here.

Reviews for Women of Note; the rise of Australian women composers (Fremantle Press 2012)

“A welcome – and overdue – publication. Appleby displays an expertise probably honed by her years as a journalist. She writes engagingly, achieving a fine balance between conveying information about the women’s personal lives and their music.”
Jillian Graham
Australian Book Review March 2012.

Women of Note makes an excellent starting point for anyone interested in exploring the music of Australian women composers. The musical lives and survival stories of all the women are inspiring. One can almost believe anything is possible. At the very least women of all ages can find in it a variety of survival tips…”

Jenny Game-Lopata, Musicological Society of Australia Journal July 2013