Great news!
I have scored an author talk at New Edition Bookstore in Fremantle.

Except I am doing it my style which means there will be wine and nibbles as we listen to music from Women of Note 🙂

For those who don’t know the shop New Edition is a Freo landmark. It has weathered the bookstore crisis and has owner Allan has recently opened a sister store in Victoria Park called Crow Books. They are dangerous shops because every book in the store is the kind that you’ve always wanted to read: independent, cult, literature, art, music, low brow, poetry… impossible to leave without a purchase!

New Edition is open till 9pm every night and if you swing by at 6:30 on Tuesday 21st April you will be offered free wine and nibbles while you listen to the music and stories from my book Women of Note. As autumn falls and the evenings get darker it is going to be a cosy and enthralling way to spend an hour.

Mark the date: Tuesday 21st April and send your RSVP to or phone 9335 2383