I have been invited as author of Women of Note to attend the Lisa Harper-Brown’s SwanSong recital this Sunday 17th August.

Lisa Harper Brown

The program (listed below) features songs almost exclusively by Australian women composers.

Women of Note was a key influence on SwanSong series director David Wickham as he selected the music. Wickham has recorded two albums of Australian songs with Lisa Harper-Brown – a fantastic documentation of Australian vocal music. Their recital together should be marvellous. I can’t wait to hear their interpretation of works by Sutherland, Glanville-Hicks, Katy Abbott and Sally Whitwell.

I will be bringing signed copies of the book to sell at interval.

Please come and say hallo!

SwanSong Program
August 17th 3pm Perth Town Hall

(Click on the names for further information, or read Women of Note!!!)

Six Songs, Settings of Poems by Judith Wright (1915-2000)
Winter kestrel
The old prison
Woman’s song
The twins
Katy Abbott – The Domestic Sublime (Chris Wallace-Crabbe, b. 1934)
On the surface of things
Indoor yachting
Coat hangers galore
At the clothesline
Peggy Glanville Hicks – Four early Songs:
Come Sleep
Be still you little leaves
Francis Poulenc – from Fiançailles pour rire (Louise de Vilmorin)
Il Vole
with Reine des Mouettes
or Voyage a Paris
Sally Whitwell (b. 1974)
In the deep heart’s core (William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939)
May (Christina Rossetti, 1830-1894)
Warm where snowflakes lie (Christina Rossetti)
Flatworm’s Heaven – a train song (Michael Rosen, b. 1948)
Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)

What a movie!, from Trouble in Tahiti