Jenny Game-Lopata has given Women of Note a frank and very affirming review in the Musicological Society of Australia (MSA) Journal, one of Australia’s most rigorous and intellectual journals.

What I liked best was her focus on the composers and their resilience. Game-Lopata picked up the underlying theme of endurance which unites the women, despite the huge diversity of their music and their life experiences.

“…the strength in this book lies in the resilience demonstrated by these women and their ability to overcome obstacles to continue to composing music. It almost inspires the development of a ‘great woman’ theory.
Women of Notereveals some fascinating details and experiences of the women it surveys. The musical lives and survival stories of all the women featured in women of Note are inspiring. One can almost believe anything is possible. At the very least women of all ages can find in it a variety of survival tips for women composers: remain a kid inside, try the fool-proof-mother’s method, adopt a missionary zeal, find religion or just a room of one’s own.”

Jenny Game-Lopata in MSA Journal July 2013

I can’t quote the entire review for copyright purposes. The journal can be purchased here. Game-Lopata describes Women of Note as ‘…an excellent starting point for anyone interested in exploring the music of Australian women composers.’

Her review gives me renewed enthusiasm for the book and especially the amazing women it profiles. This is good timing because I am about to embark on a series of winter “Soirees” where I will be sharing the stories and music from Women of Note over wine and dessert. These rather decadent Soirees are being held in private homes around Perth. Let me know if you are interested in attending or hosting a Soiree of your own.