Women of Note is hitting the schools!
Fremantle Press has put together a teaching activity resource to accompany my book Women of Note.
The Teaching Activity targets secondary school music and history students and gives an overview of Women of Note with suggested activities and links to the Australian Curriculum. Students listen to compositions from Australian women composers and investigate aspects of the works using perspectives such as history, culture, meaning and interpretation. The investigation helps students to make meaning of their own world and to understand the world views of others.
It’s all very professional but the gist of it I hope is that students get to listen to some of the music and read some of the stories from the amazing women I met while writing Women of Note. It is all so varied and fascinating, sometimes scandalous, sometimes inspiring. I have also been presenting seminars/author talks to English and Music students and I love watching them get engrossed in the music and consider the notion of a career in the arts.

If you are interested please go ahead and use the Teaching Activity, or pass on to those you think might be.


… complete it for yourself!!

I will post the details in my next blog.