When was the last time you were introduced to a composer?

ABC Classic FM is presenting 29 of Australia’s more prominent composers and their music in a three day Composer Portraits series. The series begins today (Friday 15th Nov). It’s a great concept and I’m hoping by Monday everyone will be whistling music by George Dreyfus or Elena Kats-Chernin!

Five of the composers in Women of Note are featured in the line-up: Margaret Sutherland, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Miriam Hyde, Elena Kats-Chernin and Mary Finsterer.

But where are the rest?

25% of our composers are women, yet only 5 of the 29 composers presented here are women. It is difficult to select a representative group when we have so many wonderful composers, but 17% is hardly a fair sample.

What about Liza Lim, Ann Carr-Boyd, Betty Beath, Moya Henderson? Poor form ABC!

Here is the ABC’s list of composers.

For a more definitive list of our composers (and LOADS of music samples) go to the Australian Music Centre Website. You could create your own list of 29 of our legendary composers. Who would you choose?