The 2013 Perth International Arts Festival program has just been released and we are spoilt this year! Fine music program manager Chris van Tuinen has really landed a hot program. My pick of the classical gigs below:

Top of the list: the world premiere of Philip Glass’s Complete Piano Etudes .
Pretty cool that Phillip Glass is coming to present this monumental piece AND that it includes three totally new works commissioned by our festival. It’s not often such a big name composer is in town let alone premiering his music. I’ve only spotted him from a distance, I’m hoping to get a chance to interview him this time 🙂
Aussie pianist Sally Whitwell is going to be performing some of the Etudes. Sally is a bit of a young hot thing who has become an overnight star since the runaway success of her 2011 CD of Glass’s piano music.
Laurie Anderson also ticks all my boxes – woman composer, edgy contemporary music that crosses into pop and radio. Think Cathie Travers crossed with Gail Priest. Laurie is collaborating (for the first time) with the Kronos string quartet in a new piece of their own devising, what a huge gig.
And of course Threepenny Opera by Berliner Ensemble is going to be hard to beat. Another festival opera (following Elektra earlier this year), what a treat! I didn’t get to see the Berliner Ensemble when I was in Europe so I am hoping bubs comes early so I’m able to get out to see them in February!
The theme of darkness and light will be explored in a performance by the St George’s Cathedral Consort. They will sing Gesualdo’s a capella Tenebrae Responsoria with a special light installation by visual artist Benjamin Bergery.  This gig will sell out for sure, audiences can’t get enough of the ethereal acappella and candles thing! And the Consort are singing at an amazing standard at the moment.
I love that lots of these concerts are featuring fresh music by people still alive and writing for our time. It makes the program unrepeatable and precious – we may never get another chance to meet Laurie or Phillip or experience Gesualdo’s Tenebrae performed in this way. There is no substitute!
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