Germaine Greer says we must clean our houses less. I am so relieved. Carmel Bird said the same thing in Dear Writer but only because domestic bliss is a distraction from writing. Germaine was speaking on Eco Feminism at the Perth Writer’s Festival last night, rallying the troops to care for our environment, use less chemicals and let the bugs survive which are so necessary for developping the immune systems in our over-protected children.

Either way I was glad to hear I didn’t need to clean my house before my dinner party. I didn’t have time anyway! What a treat to host composers Betty Beath and Ann Carr-Boyd in my own home tonight. Such fashionable, warm and distinguished guests.

The photo doesn’t do them justice (with writer David Cox and Matthew).

I wish I could have introduced them to William McInnes. At the same festival event as the Germaine Greer address William confessed he hadn’t heard of any women composers.

RA: (feeling ballsy) Hi William. I was interviewed on RTR just after you today.
WM: What is your book about?
RA: Australia’s women composers
WM: Who?
RA: Australia’s women compsoers
WM: I know but who are they?
RA: Anne Boyd, Cat Hope, Margaret Sutherland, Elena Kats-Chernin…
WM: I haven’t heard of any of them!
RA: Exactly.

Next time I’ll be brave enough to invite him to my dinner party!